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What's the Buzz ???

I'm doing my first Zoom visit with a book club!

San Antonio, Texas, on 11-11-2020


The White Plains Women's Club's 100th Anniversary

Annual author's luncheon guest speaker


My favorite independent booksellers: Roy and Yvonne, proprietors of the Village Bookstore in Pleasantville, NY! [ https://www.facebook.com/The-Village-Bookstore-of-Pleasantville-NY-139184492776634/ ]


When the Jim Crow South welcomed Sarah Bracey White with a hard slap, the plucky if bewildered young girl found her power in books and, later, in writing. Here’s an interview with the memoirist whosePrimary Lessons (Cavan-Kerry Press, 2013), in its fourth printing, is helping heal the wounds of segregation in a small — and never to be forgotten — South Carolina town.’


Southern Literary Review, October 7, 2015

“Primary Lessons” featured in hometown paper

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News and Events: Week of January 26th

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Sarah Bracey White, South Carolina Council of Teachers of English Conference (Kiawah Island Resort, SC), Friday, January 30th , Sarah will be exhibiting Primary Lessons at the conference

Sarah Bracey White, Sumter County Public Library (111 N. Harvin Street, Sumter, SC), Saturday, January 31st, 3-5 p, Sarah will present Primary Lessons at the Annual Local Authors’ Fair

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News and Events: Week of January 19th

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Events Sarah Bracey White, Village of Hastings on Hudson Monday January 19th at 10 am Keynote Speaker at 3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Breakfast

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Journey to Publication by Sarah Bracey White

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“A skinny, brown-skinned girl sits on the porch of a weathered gray house in South Carolina. Pencil in hand, she writes a letter to another 12 year old in South Dakota — trying to make a pale-skinned version of herself understand what it’s like to live in a place where everyone who has power over you is white, and they all seem to hate you.

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News and Events: Week of November 10th

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Events Sarah Bracey White, Greenburgh Public Library, (Elmsford, NY) Wednesday, November 12th at 12am Book group talk Monthly reading group discussing Primary Lessons

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For Florenz: a selection from “Primary Lessons” by Sarah Bracey White

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Chapter Eight from Primary Lessons “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, Sa-rah-can’t-go-to-real-school.” Sandra has found yet another weapon to use against me. “Stop teasing your sister,” Mama says. “You’re too big for that kind of foolishness.” “She started it,” Sandra answers. “Always acting like she’s better than us.”  Continue reading 

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News and Events: Week of October 6

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Sarah Bracey White, Bethel Baptist Church (Port Chester, NY), Sunday, October 12th, Women’s Day Book Event

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“Primary Lessons” and Black History Month

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Women Around Town has included Primary Lessons on their “Best Books For Celebrating Black History Month” list. Congrats Sarah Bracey White!

"Primary Lessons: A Memoir" illustrates the journey the author took to being recognized for her intelligence and talent, rather than being defined by the color of her skin. Sarah Bracey White’s story parallels that of the quest for freedom and equality by a generation that was fired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream. At the age of five, she was forced to leave a comfortable middle-class home with a surrogate family in Philadelphia, and required to deal with the issues of being part of a single parent home in South Carolina. The strictures of the Jim Crow laws chafed young Sarah’s soaring spirit, and her mother’s admonitions of how she had to behave largely fell on deaf ears. When Sarah was seventeen, her mother died, and with her death, Sarah had to rethink her place in an ever-changing world. The fact that she was in college in Baltimore in 1963 put her close to the historic March on Washington, which reaffirmed her belief in herself and the knowledge that she was meant to be much more than white society seemed to dictate.

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“Primary Lessons” on The Women’s Voice List

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Congrats to Sarah Bracey White!  Primary Lessons was picked as a 2013 “Memoir We Love” by Women’s Voice for Change.

Primary Lessons, by Sarah Bracey White. After a stay with a strong and loving aunt in a comfortable home in middle-class Philadelphia, young Sarah was transplanted to the segregated South of the 50s and 60s to live with her single mother, who has chosen keeping her children safe over breaking out of the crushing social system. White,  now a motivational speaker, never lost her determination or sense of self or her powers of expression, as this lauded volume attests.

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“Primary Lessons” Reviewed by Vicki Hudson

Posted on December 5, 2013by CavanKerry Press

The story presents well how young children learn to interact with their world based upon those decisions they make when small about how their world works and how to protect themselves from hurt. There is a great deal of hurt in Primary Lessons. The harsh impact racism had and continues to have in this country is ever-present. Visit www.vikihudson.com for the full review

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