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What's on my mind?

There seems to be a lot of interest in my website lately. If you're a new visitor, please send me a message about how you found www.onmymind.org. (You can e-mail me at bracey0114@aol.com)

Browse these pages and follow the exploits of a poor little Colored girl, who came of agen the Jim Crow city of Sumter, South Carolina during the 1960s, and now has made a home — and a respected name for herself — in Westchester County, New York. 



               My journey has been an excursion

               through high mountains and low valleys.

               Education, life experience and friendship

               have sustained me. Now, I turn to look back, 

               in search of the meaning of all that has happened. 


         Sarah is a writer/motivational speaker/arts consultant. She was a 2010/2011 Inaugural Fellow @ the Writers Center, SUNY/Purchase.

    Her literary work includes:

        1) The Wanderlust: A South Carolina Folk Tale  (SBW Promotions, 2015). A prize-winning Zora Neale Hurston-inspired folk tale 

          2) Primary Lessons: A Memoir, CavanKerry Press Ltd.  "Primary Lessons" was added to a blogger's list of "books to read for diversisty"  



      3) Feelings Brought to Surface (Harlo Press, 1979)

      4) My Dear Dakota (an autobiographical, young-adult novel - in progress)


         Her essays have been anthologized in:

               Children of the Dream (Simon & Schuster Pocket Books, 1999);  Dreaming in Color, Living in Black and White (Simon Pulse, 2003).

          Aunties: 35 Writers Celebrate Their Other Mother (Ballantine Books, 2004)

          Gardening On A Deeper Level, (Garden House Press, 2004); Heartscapes: True Stories of Remembered Love, (Spruce Mountain Press, 2012)

         On the web, visit the following links:

               1)  to view a 2001 "Women's History Month" presentation Sarah made about the artist BeA haverbusch. 


               2) to views video interviews with Sarah as she talks about "Primary Lessons," click on the links below"

                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJwZ5D04lOc   (interview with Leland Pinder, WIS-tv 10, Columbia, SC)




Latest news:  "The Wanderlust: A South Carolina Folk Tale" seems to have embarked upon a life of its own. To purchase an audio version (MP3), contact me at bracey0114@aol.com for details.